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Science of Creativity

Our workshops are based on scientific research. When companies attempt to innovate they often work from so called "best practices." Those are usually based on ill-researched assumptions. In one situation, this will bring success; in another, capital blunder. That is why we conduct our own scientific research into creativity, contribute to conferences, publish in scientific journals. We develop theories and models, do simulations, lab and field experiments (empirical validation).

Our latest scientific projects concern the role of imagination, fiction, and truth values in the perception and experience of creative products. We also have built a simulation model for creativity that can suggest new ideas and that offers an explanation for the way in which a series of innovations develops over time. Open the Oyster has the principle that basic research should lead to applicable results and that applied research always should have a fundamental aspect.

If you have a research question, we are ready to work things out with you. Research, analysis, and reports are directed at your daily business and at the same time firmly anchored in scientific theory and methods.