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Our key channel to let you rediscover your creativity are our workshops, which take one or more days with groups of about 20 to 40 people. Organizations have to deal with important issues such as breaking the vicious cycle of crisis, time management, investment policy, or alleviating rule pressure. During the workshops, we explore with you what the effects of certain measures are on your innovation power and the creativity of your employees. We look into the creative process and together with you, design novel products and services for your organization.

We bring scientific content, designed artistically, and supported by advanced technology (think of robots and virtual worlds). We believe in learning through experience, which makes our workshops a mix of doing experiments, exercises, designs, a blend of play and academic training. Workshops also focus on personal growth: To change your organization you have to change yourself - open to new perspectives and leaving old habits behind.

To fine tune the contents and examples to your situation, before the workshop we often take interviews with a number of participants. Afterwards, we drop by to make sure that the enthusiasm for the new direction stays alive.